Thursday, July 3, 2008

Day4: A day of ups and downs

Today it was filled with many presentation but only a few of them was of interest to me and hence I did not give much attention to other talks.

I was quite impressed by the continuation of the talk given by Prof. David Heeger from NYU. He had some interesting insights into the principles of attention mechanism behind vision. He continued to talk about Neurocinematics (using fMRI to analyze the human response for different kind of was fun and at the same time revealed some good insights into many aspects of vision and temporal dimension in vision)

Further talk was given on Neuroelectrical stimulation and its aid in recovery from Spinal cord injury. It explained many principles of Spinal Cord and the various nerve mechanism in Spinal Cord. How to analyze, process and encode the electrical signal coming from Spinal Cord nerve fibers. The talk was given by Prof. Jimmy Abbas from ASU.

Two of the remaining talk was on Olfactory signal processing in Bees and on some other topic. It was totally unrelated to me and so I was not much interested in it.

I also spent more than 6 hours struggling to get CUDA working on GNU/Linux Ubuntoo 7.10. It was a big pain in the ass with so many problems that I cannot describe. Somehow it worked in the end. Here is the configuration that finally worked. All of these are important.

OS: Ubuntu 7.10
Gcc: 4.2
CUDA toolkit and SDK: 2.0 beta version
CUDA driver: 171.xx ( 173.x did not work. 169.x was too old)
Machine had 2 Tesla card and one simple Nvidia card.
A detailed instruction on what to do after downloading the driver from nvidia and to uninstall existing driver in ubuntu is given in

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